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Top killer in Alberta: Deaths from "ill-defined and unknown causes" (aka covid vaccines) are skyrocketing
By ethanh // 2022-08-23
Canadian state news outlet CTV News is reporting that the number-one killer of people in Alberta right now are "ill-defined and unknown causes," which of course means Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "vaccines." The collective of data from 2021 shows that compared to every other primary cause of death, ill-defined and unknown causes (3,362) topped them all, followed by:
  • Dementia (2,135)
  • "COVID-19" (1,950)
  • Chronic ischemic heart disease (1,939)
  • Malignant neoplasms of trachea, bronchus and lung (1.552)
  • Acute myocardial infarction (1,075)
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (1,028)
  • Diabetes mellitus (728)
  • Stroke (612)
  • Accidental poisoning by and exposure to drugs and other substances (604)
As you will notice, nowhere in this list are Fauci Flu shots even mentioned. That is because the Canadian government, like most governments, refuses to acknowledge any link between the jabs and excess deaths – which are off the charts. As we reported earlier this year, the government of Alberta has been going out of its way to scrub any trace of cause and effect between the jabs and the sharp increase in deaths the province has been seeing ever since the launch of Operation Warp Speed.

Up until 2021, dementia was the leading cause of death in Alberta for six straight years

Since 2016, dementia held the top spot as the number-one cause of death in Alberta – that is, until Donald Trump released his "vaccines," which have been killing people left and right ever since. "I think it's probably multifactorial, so there's probably many things playing into that," says Dr. Daniel Gregson, an associate professor in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary who specializes in infectious diseases and microbiology, deflecting from Fauci Flu shots as the cause of all these deaths. "We have this impression of surviving COVID and that's the end of it, and that's not necessarily true," he added in a statement to CTV, the suggestion being that the alleged "virus" is making some kind of comeback – even though covid is listed as the number-three cause of death in Alberta. According to Gregson, people who previously tested "positive" for covid could now die at any moment from a number of things, including heart disease, stroke and pulmonary embolisms – all things that are caused by the injections, it turns out. "We do expect that there will be deaths that aren't directly related to COVID, but indirectly related to COVID to occur after the diagnosis in patients after the first month of infection," he further said. "One would expect that some of those patients are going to survive the COVID and then die at home from other complications." Both Alberta Health and the province's medical examiner's office are likewise playing dumb about the issue, pretending as though all these excess deaths are just one big mystery that cannot be solved. "COVID still is quite high up there as we expected," Gregson further added, admitting that the jabs are not "working" to save lives as expected. "Unfortunately, we haven't been able to actually eliminate COVID deaths in the province, despite our availability of vaccines. So, that's a bit disappointing." Amazingly, Gregson went on to suggest that a lack of lockdowns could be responsible for all these excess deaths. "I think the fact that that number (covid deaths) is not in the top spot is essentially a medical miracle in us being able to get out vaccines in less than 18 months to the average person in Canada," he further stated in all seriousness. In other words, Gregson wants Canadians to believe that the jabs are responsible for keeping covid in the number-three top killer position as opposed to the number-one position – even though the number one position is the injections. The latest news coverage about Chinese Virus injections can be found at Sources for this article include: